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Don’t see a training listed below that will work for you? Please email the customer service team at ResHVAC@bpa.gov  with your name, company, location, type of training, and when you’d like to complete the training. They will add you to a list and contact you when there’s an available training near you. If you’re seeking training in the near future, please contact a PTCS trainer in your area.

PTCS Air Source Heat Pump     No trainings scheduled at this time

PTCS Duct Sealing       No trainings scheduled at this time

Reference Materials

Air source heat pumps designated as Variable Refrigerant Flow/ Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRF/VRV) no longer qualify for residential air source heat pump measures. Reference the Products Designated VRF/VRV Air Source Heat Pumps for products and refer to the “Indoor Type – Column E” for the system configuration.

Not sure if your ducted heat pump is a variable speed unit?  Reference the "Ducted Variable Speed Heat Pump Reference List" by clicking here and on the "Technical Support Materials" button above. A Reference Guide for Identifying VSHPs is also available by clicking here.

Need help setting thermostat controls?  Reference the Thermostat Support Sheets here and by clicking the “Need Technical Support Materials?” button above.

Admin/Sales and Heat Pump Sizing training videos now available:

Duct Sealing Admin/Sales:

Heat Pump Admin/Sales:

Heat Pump Sizing:

Registry Updates

During the week of July 22nd 2019, several updates were made to the PTCS Online Registry to streamline the project entry process and address user concerns. For more details about these improvements, please click here.

Three site details will be moved to the measure details screen. The heated square footage and the existing and backup heating system types were relocated to the screen where you enter the measure details to decrease the number of errors and corrections.

Company Administrators will be able to enter projects for multiple technicians at their company. Please contact the PTCS Customer Service team at ResHVAC@bpa.gov or 1.800.941.3867 to ensure you have the appropriate permissions. 

Process will be updated for heat pump AHRI numbers that do not validate.

Users will be able to enter all the remaining measure details and the PTCS Customer Service Team will verify the project. This will save users the extra step of having to submit their project to the PTCS Team for entry.


Users will be able to enter a second duct sealing and heat pump for the same site address. This includes two separate heat pumps and two separate duct sealing projects.

The Owner Address information will be removed from the entry screens and reports.

The Compressor Low Ambient Lockout (LAL) question and answers clarified to reduce confusion.

For further information or questions, please contact the PTCS Team at ResHVAC@bpa.gov

Marketing Materials

PTCS offers free marketing materials for contractors and utilities, available in English and Spanish without a username and password. Print and web ready. Check them out here!

Utility customers, please visit the Energy Efficiency Marketing portal for customizable marketing materials. For more information or help with these materials, please contact ResHVAC@bpa.gov.






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