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Heating and cooling systems consume nearly half of the energy used in the home. By upgrading to a high efficiency heat pump system and addressing any leaks in the duct system, you can minimize heating and cooling costs. Yet not all technicians are equal when it comes to HVAC efficiency. When a heat pump is commissioned by a Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS) certified technician, it helps ensure it is installed to the highest level of performance for home comfort and energy savings. A PTCS certified technician is trained to properly size your system and recommend the best equipment for your home, install heat pumps and seal ducts to standards way above code, and voluntarily submit to third party inspections of work completed.

Along with the benefits of a quality installation, PTCS certified work also gives you access to financial benefits such as utilities incentive programs and tax credits.

QA Information

All PTCS certified technicians agree to have a percentage of their jobs reviewed by a quality assurance inspector. These inspections provide feedback to technicians and utilities in order to continue to improve the quality of the installations. Quality assurance site visits include a visual inspection of equipment and airflow tests to ensure that the equipment is saving as much energy as possible. There is no additional charge to the customer for these visits. If your job has been PTCS certified, you may receive a letter or a phone call after your installation inviting you to participate in the third-party quality assurance inspections.

About our Program

PTCS is a certification program for residential heat pumps and duct systems. It is sponsored by the Bonneville Power Administration based on recommendations made by the Regional Technical Forum regarding the best practices for high performing HVAC systems. Through the PTCS program, contractors are trained in the specifications and must submit paperwork for each job to the PTCS Site Registry. Jobs are reviewed by Bonneville Power Administration and given statuses based on their completeness and payment eligibility. BPA also requires site inspections on a percentage of jobs to ensure PTCS standards are being consistently upheld.

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