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PTCS Heat Pump Trainings

November 1: Lakeview Light & Power in Lakewood, WA

Cost: Free

RSVP: Paul Chi - email at paul.chi@clearesult.com or call 503.467.2104 

*Breakfast and lunch will be provided.*


November 30: Community Services Consortium in Albany, OR

Cost: $475

RSVP: Click on this link to RSVP or contact Dennis Feeney at dfeeney@communityservices.us



PTCS Duct Sealing Trainings

November 7 – 9: Community Services Consortium in Albany, OR

Cost: $600

RSVP: Click on this link to RSVP or contact Dennis Feeney at dfeeney@communityservices.us 


Don’t see a training listed here that will work for you? Contact a PTCS trainer: https://www.bpa.gov/EE/Sectors/Residential/Documents/PTCS_Approved_Trainers_List.pdf 


Registry Updates


Save entry progress function now available! 


Entering a project but don’t have all the information? Click “Save Progress” after entering measure data. To complete, sign in as installing tech and search for the job. Click “Complete Job” next to measure ID. Contact the PTCS team at ResHVAC@bpa.gov with questions!


Now registry installation data can be edited without a new measure ID!  Contact the PTCS team at ResHVAC@bpa.gov with details of what needs to be edited!


Marketing Materials   

PTCS has offers free and customizable marketing materials available. Check them out here! Questions about customization, contact ResHVAC@bpa.gov.


Reference Materials


Not sure if your ducted heat pump is a variable speed unit?  Reference the "Ducted Variable Speed Heat Pump Reference List" by clicking on the "Technical Support Materials" button above.


Need help setting thermostat controls?  Reference the Thermostat Support Sheets and by clicking the “Need Technical Support Materials?” button above.


Contact the PTCS Program:
ResHVAC@bpa.gov | 1.800.941.3867
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